2012 Yankee Events Calendar

Jan 28, 2012 Annual Meeting / Awards Dinner Burlington MA  
Mar 10, 2012 Seminar: ABCs of Dog Breeding presented by Claudia Orlandi North Andover MA Gregg von Sternberg
Mar 25, 2012 YGRC Eye and Heart Clinics with Dr. Marrion and Dr. MacGregor.
Also DNA draw for research - bring completed forms to clinic: fact sheet, Broad Institute, CHIC. The Golden Retriever Foundation will pay for CERF registration for any Golden 8 years and older: voucher
North Andover MA Clinic Info packet and forms
Registration deadline: March 22
Chair: Theresa Stremlau, email
Mar 27, 2012 YGRC Meeting & Program: Pet First Aid Class at Vetcision Waltham MA printable flyer
March/April 2012 YGRC Spring Field Classes Gardner/Stow MA General Information
Application form due March 3
Apr 3, 2012 Benefit Raffle: Help make Pagey's Preserve a reality and
Win a Three Night Oceanfront Stay on Martha's Vineyard
Congratulations to the lucky winner: Chris O'Connor from North Carolina
Apr 29, 2012 YGRC TD/TDX Test: premium list with entry form (pdf) / Entry form only (Word format) Durham NH Sec'y: Sue Usher, doodledog@charter.net
TDX info / TD info
May 6, 2012 YGRC Spring Match with a Scottish Heritage Tea Carlisle MA flyer with entry form
May 12, 2012 YGRC Field Training / Shot Flyer Day
(limited to Yankee members and YGRC field class participants)
West Thompson CT info and reservation form
FMI: Bob McKie
May 22, 2012 YGRC Meeting & Program: Grooming Your Golden Acton MA printable flyer
Jun 1, 2012 Annual Yankee Specialty: Show, Sweepstakes, Veterans Sweepstakes, Obedience Trial and Rally Trial
With Optigen 20/20 clinic. Also DNA draw for research.
Jun 10, 2012 Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) event Hollis NH Info and Entry Form
Jun 16-17, 2012 Tracking Seminar: The Art Of VST Durham NH Susan Palius
July 14-15, 2012 YGRC Agility trials North Smithfield RI www.pawprinttrials.com
July 24, 2012 YGRC Meeting & Ice Cream Social with CGC Test Carlisle MA
Aug 11, 2012 YGRC VST Test: premium list with entry form / Entry form only (Word format) Durham NH Sec'y: Susan Crum
AKC info
Aug 18, 2012 YGRC WC/WCX Test with Puppy Stakes and Veterans Stakes West Thompson CT Test Secy: Barb Sawtelle
FMI: Karen Scotti or Karen Hollander
Aug 25-26, 2012 YGRC Agility trials Anherst NH www.pawprinttrials.com
Sep 4-13, 2012 GRCA 2012 National Specialty Purina Farms, Gray Summit MO The GRCA National Website
Sep 25, 2012 YGRC Meeting & Program: Canine Nutrition Acton MA
Sep 28-30, 2012 YGRC AKC Licensed Hunting Test for Retrievers: Master, Senior, and Junior Level Tests West Thompson CT Entries: EntryExpress
Karen Scotti / Susan Lynch
Oct 27, 2012 YGRC Field Training tbd Charlie Lanagan
Nov 1, 2012 New session of YGRC Puppy Kindergarten and Post-Grad classes Boxborough MA more info
Nov 18, 2012 YGRC Health Clinics: Heart, Eye, SNAP 4Dx, Microchip, and Optigen testing
Appointment request form only (Word doc) / printable flyer
Note: OptiGen provided YGRC with a participation code for the 20/20 Clinic, which is YGRC1211. OptiGen will not accept pre-registrations until two weeks prior to the Clinic date.
Bolton MA Anne Blanchette or Carolyn Zagami
Nov 27, 2012 YGRC Meeting & Program at 7:00pm. Speaker: Emma Parsons, professional trainer and canine behavior consultant Acton Congregational Church, Acton MA
Dec 2, 2012 YGRC Annual Field Committee Meeting Acton MA FMI: Judith Erlanger
Dec 8-9, 2012 YGRC Agility trials Manchester NH Opens: 10/10/2012
Jan 26, 2013 YGRC Annual Meeting & Awards Dinner Burlington MA Application for annual trophies due Dec. 16, 2012